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At TMV, we strive to deliver exemplary performance & trust while staying true to sustainable values in order to achieve the ultimate in customer and employee satisfaction.

It is our mission to extend this culture and strength in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and all those with whom we associate, to conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner. Our well equipped state of the art installations and years of know-how ensure that we stay agile to the dynamic market movements. We strive to act by the “client first” approach and go above and beyond to cater to the needs of our clientele. Lastly, we believe our suppliers are our pride and ethical, sustainable sourcing of raw materials is our responsibility to nature.

Once we achieve a milestone, we see it as an indication to cross the next. This has been our driving belief since 1958 and continues to be so. 

Mr. T.V. Rajesh Shenoi


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