Journey So Far

Establishes TMV Shenoi Perfumers as a trading house for essential oils and fragrances
Establishes TMV Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture essential oils, natural isolates and design fragrances
Launches TMV Natural Oils & Extracts Pvt. Ltd. to produce essential oils and oleoresins from spices, natural extracts and colours
With growing demand for Curcumin, expands to a dedicated turmeric extraction unit
Sets up offices and warehouses in the USA
Joins hands with Fine Aromatics to expand to New Zealand
Establishes TMV Shenoi Perfumers as a trading house for essential oils and fragrances
Embracing the Future - Third Generation of TMV Joins Forces, fortifying our commitment to innovation and excellence.
Expansion of our fractional distillation columns to double the production capacity of Natural Isolates

A legacy spanning

3 generations
Since 1958

Pioneered by the visionary TMV Shenoi in 1958, our journey embodies resilience and innovation. TMV Shenoi Perfumers, his brainchild, ignited a legacy of excellence in essential oils.

In 1991, a pivotal moment arrived when T V Rajesh Shenoi assumed the mantle of Managing Director. With foresight and a fearless appetite for risk, T V Rajesh Shenoi navigated us into manufacturing essential oils, natural isolates, and captivating fragrances. This transformative shift, reflecting his indomitable spirit, propelled us towards perpetual innovation and distinction.

 TMV Natural Oils & Extracts Pvt. Ltd. emerged in 2000 as a bastion of spice oil production, rich oleoresin extraction, and a vibrant palette of natural extracts and colors. The legacy of determination led us to expand with a dedicated turmeric extraction unit in 2005, solidifying our industry leadership.

Building on our heritage, 2022 introduced Amritha Shenoy, the third generation at TMV, to the helm. She is trained in fragrances and cosmetic chemistry at the prestigious perfumery school, ISIPCA, Paris, and armed with experience from the world's leading fragrance house. With her visionary zeal, Amritha aims to elevate TMV to new heights, embracing innovation while upholding our legacy of excellence.

  As we reflect on our storied past and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, TMV envisions a future that knows no bounds. Our journey is one of relentless exploration, a journey where every achievement is a stepping stone to greater accomplishments. At TMV, growth is not just a goal; it's the very essence of who we are—a testament to our unwavering determination to exceed expectations, pioneer innovation, and leave an indelible mark on the world of scent, taste and health.

Generations of Scented Legacy: Paving the Way to Fragrant Streets. A newspaper clipping from 2008 from Mathrubhumi, a regional newspaper in Kerala, India.